Work in Progress

Assortative mating and child penalties in Austria (Lebedinski, L., Steiber, N., Winter-Ebmer, R.)

Are hypogamous couples really more modern? (Siegert, C., Steiber, N.)

Fertility progression in the context of rising hypogamy (Trimarchi, A., Berghammer, C., Steiber, N., Winter-Ebmer, R.)

Gendered emplyoment trajectories after first birth. A Baysian approach (Baumberger, T., Wagner, H.,
Winter-Ebmer, R., Steiber, N.)

Related Publications

Trimarchi, A. (2022): Gender‑Egalitarian Attitudes and Assortative Mating by Age and Education. European Journal of Population.

Lebedinski, L., Perugini, C., Vladisavljević, M. (forthcoming): Child penalty in Russia: Evidence from an event study. Review of Economics of the Household.